Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Bag and Card

Hello all, I decided to make a bag for my Mother-in-law's birthday gift to go with her card that I posted last week. Here it is along with the card. I thought it turned out so well and i used a 12 X 12 piece of card stock. I have a scarf and earrings to go into the bag. The bag measures 4" tall by 8" in length. I could have cut off some of the side and made it taller, but I wanted to see how it turned out using the whole piece of 12 x 12 paper. Not bad for not having a recipe. I of course used the Thoroughly Modern DSP from Stampin' Up! and the Stamp Set Party Hearty for the cupcakes and party hats. To make the bag, I scored at 5" and 7" on one side and then to make the 1" turn down to see the other side of the paper of for the top of the bag (on the same side) I scored 1" and at the 11" mark. Then I turned the paper and scored on the 2" and 10" mark.
Cut out to the two inch mark on each side to make the sides and that is about it. How easy is that. I then punched holes in the side and ran the ribbon through for the handle. I used the in color ribbon, Bermuda Bay.

I did finish off the card from the other day when I posted and have attached a picture of the inside of the card where I used "God's Blessings" stamp set for the message and also used the gift stamp from "Party Hearty" to complete it. For details of the card, please click here. Thanks so much for looking and please leave a comment if you like.

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