Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best Wedding Ever

As most of you know, my daughter got married about two weeks ago!  You will probably see quite a few more pages come through prior to me getting everything ready to send out for her wedding book.  I plan on doing most of them using My Digital Studio and then having them printed professionally.  But this is one that I decided to do of my youngest granddaughter (GD) who had a blast at the wedding and even told her Aunt Erin, "This is the best wedding ever!"  My youngest GD is 6 and yes she has been a part of 4 weddings in her 6 years and this was the fifth!  My oldest GD asked me if my youngest GD was in her mother's wedding (Oldest GD was in her moms this time) and I said no, she was not even thought about when her mother got married."  What these little kids think up is too much for me.  But then I guess you could say, she was in her mother's wedding this time.  OK enough babble about my dear sweet GD's!

Anyway, when I saw this sketch from Christian Paper Crafts, I knew I would be using it as part of the wedding scrapbook and finally after about 3 weeks, here it is. 

In the 1st, 2nd and 4th picture from the top down, she is with Papa dancing!  In the 3rd picture down she is with the bride (her Aunt) dancing and in the last picture on the left she is with her Dad dancing.  I can not believe she was up there for every dance except the bride and groom dance, Father and Daughter dance and the Son and Mother dance.  Could not keep her or my other GD off the floor!  So much fun she had.

You can find the sketch here on the Christian Paper Crafts Creative Blog!

All items used for this page are from My Digital Studio by Stampin' Up!

Thanks for looking and hope you all have a fabulous day!

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