Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun on Friday Question/Moved my Craft space

Hello everyone!

If you have come by for our normal Fun on Friday for Christian Paper Crafts, we are taking a break for the Summer in some respects.  We are still doing challenges every week, but not a challenge everyday as we have been doing.  Just low on participation due to vacations etc.  So Fun On Friday should be back the first week of August.  We still will have two challenges a week and you can check it out on the Christian Paper Crafts Creative Blog!  Also you know that I was co-hosting the Fun on Friday Challenge and now they have asked me if I would like to take the Color Monday Challenge, so I may come back with that instead.  But, if you would like for me to continue the Fun on Friday Challenge here on my own, just let me know and I will be glad to pick it back up!  Just need to know if my followers were enjoying it and it is something they would like to see continued!

So since I do not have a challenge today, I thought I would share my clean up and move of my craft area.  It was so spread out that every time I needed something I had to get up and walk to get it.  Then instead of putting it back, I would wait until there was no room left on my table and it was so frustrating.  So I moved everything to one side of the room last weekend and now I am enjoying a clean table to work from.  So here are some pictures!

This is a look at most of the craft space just to give you an idea of how it is put together.  Still have one more cabinet coming to put all the stamps that are not current.

Here is my space for my punches!  As you can see I have punched the shape of each one on the front so I know where to look for each punch.

This is where my paper is stored along with most of my embellishments.

This is where most of my current stash of stamps are stored along with items I need occasionally!

This is a closer overview of my stamping area!

I still have some wall things to move to another area.  This was my husband "I am proud of you" wall from when he retired from the Air Force, so now I have to find another wall to hang his things.  And, can't wait for that other cabinet to be put in place.  It will really help with the clean up of the other side of the room. lol  You only saw the clean part!

Thanks for looking and don't forget to let me know your feelings on FUN ON FRIDAY!!!!!


NickelNook said...

What a wonderful space Jonia! I love your punch collection! So clever to put a punch-out on the front of the drawer! A fireplace too? So lovely! Thank you for sharing all the great photos!
I only participated in one Fun on Friday but hoped to do more! Sometimes my other challenges all get left to friday! lol If you continued I would sure try to participate! :o)

NickelNook said...

WooHoo for YOU!! Congratulations for winning one of Patters fantastic prizes! You have to send her your info now! YAY for you friend! :o)

GCgirl said...

Very cool set up!