Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photo Coasters

I just loved making these photo coasters for my daughter's and their family!  I used My Digital Studio to size the photos to the correct size and used it to turn the photo into black and white and then printed them on to regular photo paper.  And, once I got everything together, they really came together quite well.  The hard part was waiting for everything to dry which usually took a couple of hours and then over night at times.  But the process was so simple and easy!

Here is one set for my oldest daughter!

Here is how they looked when I prepared them for the box!

Here is the set for my youngest daughter!

and how I got them ready for the box!

Are they not the best.  Wish my photos were a little better, but at least you can see mostly what they look like.  For the backing I did use the felt squares and cut them the size of the back of the coaster.  I used white felt and regular glue!

Here is a link that I used on how to do these!  I love Pinterest because all I had to do was pull it up again and give you the link!  I did use a different sealer than the directions called for, but it came out just fine.

Thanks for looking and hope your day is going well!


GCgirl said...

Gorgeous!! I know your daughters will LOVE these :0)

Natalie said...

What a special gift! They turned out great!