Thursday, October 30, 2014

Adding to Baby Book - 11 months

Happy Thursday all!  This last week and a half has been a whirlwind of emotions for our family.  Last Monday, October 20th at 1:45 am our 5th grandchild was born, a little girl weighing 7lb 1oz and she was absolutely beautiful.  That was such a blessing and such a joy.  Of course I was on my way to Virginia at the time of her birth and we finally arrived and saw our little Ansley Grace at about 4:45 am.  Yes we drove all night and it was worth it.  She is doing wonderful and so is our daughter.  I will be sharing a few photo's at the end of this post of our sweet little granddaughter.
Then on Wednesday, October 22nd we get a call that my husband's brother had a farm accident and he was killed.  It was such a shock and we are still dealing with the shock of that.  I must say though that we know he is celebrating up in heaven.  He was such a great husband, father and brother, so please continue to pray for our family.
Well I am trying to get the rest of my grandson's baby book finished as now I need to start on Ansley's book, so I thought I would share his 11 month page with you.  One more page to share and his book will be complete.
Isn't he just the cutest little boy!  Now he has a little competition with his little sister.  Here are a few shots I took of our sweet baby!
With Big Sister!  She was so excited.

With Big Brother!  He did not want to let her go.
Coming Home!  How cute is that?
What a blessing in the midst of such sadness!  She is what kept us smiling.

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you all have a blessed and wonderful rest of the week.

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Nancy said... sweet friend! What a roller-coaster of emotions you've been through!
First of all, your page is wonderful! He's such a sweetie!
Congratulations on the new precious bundle...she's adorable!
I am so very sorry for the loss of your BIL! My prayers for you continue! :o)