Monday, March 27, 2017

"By the Tide" Assorted Note Cards

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
I would like to share with you the not cards (5 X 3.5) I am making for a smaller tin that I bought about 8 of when I caught them on sale.  I just love the size of these note cards and am doing a total of 15 for this box.  For the next week I will share with you each day the cards that are going into the box and I am donating to a non-profit organization, Gateway Landing, for a banquet and silent auction they will be having.  Every year between me and my demonstrator, we have a basket of cards and other items that are placed on the auction table.  God has blessed me with this unique gift of card making and I want to help out with it as much as possible.  So below is one of the cards in the set which helps you to see the detail a little better.  I do love this set call "By the Tide."  I hope you enjoy also.
The 4 cards in this set!

Have a great Monday everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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