Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birthday Flip Book/Scrapbook!

I am so excited to be able to say I finally finished my granddaughter's scrapbook for her 7th birthday which was November of last year.  We took her and my other granddaughter to a Taylor Swift Concert and boy did those two kids have a blast along with the other 3 kids that were suppose to be adults.  Yes, my two daughter's and I was just as excited as the girls. lol  The photos we got were really not all that good as lighting was off and most were taken with phones.  But it still is a memory for her to treasure.  Again I used this u-tube video to make the flip book album because Morgan wanted hers to be just like her brother's book.  You can see the first one I made for my grandson here!  Now I am working on my other granddaughter's birthday from May which will be a flip book also. What you do for one, you do for the others, right! But, thank goodness, I am about to catch up.  But only when it is about to start right back over.  And, now another grandson on the way.  Don't know if I can keep up with 4!!!!!

Now, on to the flip book album!  Here is the flip book closed!

Here is the first flip open!

And the tag on the first page open!

Second flip open and see the cute ribbon there.  You will see what it is used for as we flip through the little book.  I love it!

And here it is fully open, but wait until you see these other items flipped!

This part will also flip and is just too cute!

Flipping up this section!

And again!

And again!

And one more time!

Now to start flipping through the little book at the end! Yes, if I had taken more photos, I would not have had to use so many embellishments.  But they are cute!  You get too involved with the concert and forget to take photos.  Yes, I was like a kid also! Too much fun!  I will sit closer next time for sure!

The night before we went to the concert was Morgan's birthday that we all went to. Only the girls were allowed to go to the concert which was 4 hours away!  So I had to add these in at the end.

Also this is the middle of the flip book part! Remember that little ribbon I said was so cute.  This is what it is used for, to keep the book in place!

And then shopping the day after the concert.  What a birthday which lasted 3 days!

Thanks for looking today and hope you will try one of these flip books as they are a lot of fun.

All paper was Stampin' Up! Designer paper was all retired papers that I used.  Some of the embellishments were from a local craft store, and others were just found in my stash.  Used my digital studio for the sayings on some of the pages. And thank you Nancy for the little crochet flowers and little bird that I used on some of the pages.


NickelNook said...

Hokey Dinah that book is full of excitement! What a fantastic treasure you've created! I have to make a couple more of those too, so it's a good thing they're so much fun to put together! You did an amazing job on this one, my friend! :o)

GCgirl said...

SOOO sweet! I hope that she LOVED it :0)

Natalie said...

That is so WONDERFUL!! She is going to love it to pieces. And it will be something to cherish and remember her special time with the "girls."