Friday, January 4, 2013

First Scrapbook Page of 2013

I am planning on doing a lot more scrapbook pages using "My Digital Studio," MDS, this year and this is my first.  I take so many photos and then don't show them off as I should.  So hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of my family and friends.  And, even more other things using MDS. I just love that program.

The first page I have for this year was taken Christmas Eve at my house with the grand kids   We open our presents on Christmas Eve and of course not until evening, so we have to fill in the rest of the day with other things.  My two granddaughters just love climbing trees and I am a little frightened of what will happen once my grandson gets a little older, but for now he was happy just hanging out at the bottom as I took the pictures.  So here is my first page of the year!

How cute is this! I actually used a sketch from one of my favorite scrap booking sketch sites, Got Sketch.  This sketch is actually from April 2008 and you can find it here!  I just love their site and how you can just click on the sketches for 3, 4  or whatever photos and look through them.  EASY PEASY!!!!

Thanks for looking today and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Natalie said...

Look how big the kids are getting!! I can't believe how big Nathan is! Wow! Time flies doesn't it. Happy New Year, Jonia!! {hugs}

NickelNook said...

What a wonderful page, Jonia! I'm looking forward to seeing many more!...Nancy :o)