Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Rest of the Story - Scrapbook Page #3

Hope this finds everyone well and happy as I am trying to stay well!  It seems everyone that I come into contact with has been sick or is sick and I do not want whatever this funk is going around.  Anyway, I finished the two page layout from Christmas with my Grandson sitting in my husband's lap making funny faces and laughing.  You can see some of that above and it is just the best.  Of course my first thought when all of this started was: get your camera and start shooting and that is exactly what I did.  Now of course the rest of the family does not think about that when I am playing with our grandson or granddaughters for that matter, but I am OK with that!!!!

So here are the two pages put together!

The one from my post on Tuesday and of course today's! And again, here is where I got the sketch for this layout from, Sketch Savvy!  

Thanks again for stopping by and please stay well!!!!


Natalie said...

Ha!! Jonia, no one thinks of taking pics of me playing with the grandkids either! I've commented many times that when they are grown they are going to wonder where I was during all the fun events. Your layout is adorable, btw!

NickelNook said...

Another beautiful page, Jonia! The two pages together are wonderful! Have a great weekend! :o)

Jennipher said...

Jonia you are turning into one Savvy digital scrapbooker. These pages are adorable. I hope you do manage to stay well and fend off the funk. Take care.