Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scripture Challenge #2 - Challenge Word # 16-Worhip

I am so excited that I am almost caught up with the Scripture Challenges.  This is Word 16 and if you are wondering why they are out of order, it is because I got behind.  I am still doing the current ones, but catching up on the ones I have not done. 

You ask, "how could you miss the word worship" especially since it is such an important part of our life.  We have to worship our Lord in everything that we do!  It is not about going to church or singing, it is about dedicating our whole life, our whole being to do and be what God wants us to be.  We worship Him in everything that we do, or we should.  I like what Patter said, "True worship leads to a surrender of self. It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about Him, doing as He calls, serving Him, glorifying Him, sharing Him, etc. Worship involves a sacrifice of some sort whether it be time, money, emotions, etc."  She is right on with that don't you think?  If you would like to see her complete post on Worship, you can see it here

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Nancy said...

Your page is beautiful Jonia! I love all the butterflies and flowers! I love the Scripture too but most of all I love the words you shared from your heart! :o)