Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dad's 80th Birthday!

We had a birthday party for my dad this year.  As most of you know my Dad has Alzheimer's and that is one tough disease to deal with, but God gives us all the strength to do what we need and he has definitely given me strength.  Most of the time when you handed him a card he would look at it and then we would open it for him to read.  I really think he enjoyed himself as there were times he laughed and then there were times he cried.  But all in all it was a good day and thank God that he is doing as well as he is.

For this page I used My Digital Studio (MDS) and I do love MDS.  You can do your own layout or choose a layout from ones you have purchased.  For this one I decided to see what I had in the 12 X 12 templates and the one I really liked was one called "To the Nines."  It just seemed to match the theme I had in mind for the page.  I did change it up a little.  The template had two photos and I made one photo.  So of course you can change it all you want to.  I also changed the title.  Love MDS!

Thanks for stopping by today and hope your Tuesday is wonderful!

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NickelNook said...

It's a wonderful page Jonia! A beautiful one to put in the album and look back on! I really like the bicycle! :o)