Monday, November 23, 2009

Candle and box

This is a set I did as a challenge for Stampin' Up!. It did not make it to the final, so I am posting for everyone to see. This would make a perfect gift and so easy to make. The box I did, by measuring the candle and then cutting the paper and scoring to add a inch here and there. Directions are following along with a list of items you will need to complete the candle and box as you see it here.

List of Stamp Sets:
Upsy Daisy Stamp Set
Country Morning stamp Set, hostess set (saying only)

List of Stampin’ Up! Supplies:
2 sheets 12X12 Melon Mambo Cardstock
1 sheet Razzleberry Lemonade Designer Series Paper
Rich Razzleberry Classic Ink Pad
Melon Mambo Classic Ink Pad
Rich Razzleberry ½” Polka-Dot Grosgrain Ribbon
Silver Elastic Cord (mini catalog)
Ornament Punch (mini catalog)
Snail Adhesive
Sticky Strip
Stampin’ Dimensionals
Glue Dots
Heat Tool (embossing gun)

Other Supplies Needed:
6” tall white or cream candle (width approximately 3”)
Wax Paper (cooking wax paper)
White Tissue Paper

Directions for Candle:
For the candle, you will need the “Upsy Daisy” Stamp Set, Rich Razzleberry Classic Ink Pad, Melon Mambo Classic Ink Pad, White Tissue Paper, Wax Paper and a White or Cream Candle. Cut a piece of tissue paper the length that will wrap around the candle but not overlap and about 4” in height. You will ink the stamp with the Rich Razzlebery Classic Ink first and stamp close to edge of tissue paper. Clean stamp and then ink the stamp with the Melon Mambo Classic ink and stamp over the first image. (You do not have to stamp in the same place, looks better if you don’t. Just in close proximity of the first stamped image. See candle above.) Continue to the end of the tissue paper kind of overlapping the beginning of the next stamped image with the end of the last stamped image. When finished, ink the saying from the “The Country Morning” Hostess stamp set in Rich Razzleberry Classic ink and stamp in center of tissue paper underneath flowers.
Once complete with the stamping, trim down your tissue paper on top and bottom as close as possible. Take a piece of wax paper and cut it or tear it so that it is not any taller than the candle being used and long enough so that it wraps completely around the candle and then some. Take your stamped image and wrap it around the candle till it meets. Then place the wax paper on top of stamped tissue paper and wrap the wax paper around the candle. Pull wax paper tight around candle and pinch close with your fingers making sure the wax paper is tight against the candle. Heat up your embossing gun about 25 to 30 seconds then moving quickly wave it over the stamped image making sure you hold the wax paper tight. You will notice when the tissue paper image starts adhering or embedding into the candle. (Don’t hold in one spot or you can over melt the candle, just wave it) Once you have went as far as you can with the heat tool, slowly peel the wax paper off the candle and move to the next part of the image by doing the same as the above until you have imbedded the stamped image all the way around your candle. It is best to try and not use the same spot on the wax paper as you move around the candle, but you can use 1 piece of wax paper many times. Once you have adhered the image all around, your candle is complete.

Directions for Candle Gift Box:

Cut (2) pieces of Melon Mambo cardstock 9 ¾” width X 10” tall. With the 9 ¾” cardstock across top of cutter using the scorer, score at 3 ¼” and again at 6 ½”. Turn paper with 10” side of cardstock across top and score at 3 ¼”. This will be the bottom of the box. At this point you will need the sticky tape. Face each side of box together as if putting together. Place sticky tape on the top of each side that is going together as shown in picture below. Adhere together.

You can cut the bottom at the score mark on inside up to the 3 ¼” score mark on each sheet, or you can put together and then cut.

Do the same for the other side of the box, making sure that each side which goes on top of other side, both are toward the back of box, so front looks smooth. Now take the flaps at the bottom of box and turn in to form bottom of box. Place sticky tape on the last panel and fold up to adhere as shown in picture below. And again make sure the panel you put the sticky tape on will go to back of box to make front smooth.

The box will be 6 ¾ “ tall and 3 ¼” wide when complete.
Use the Ornament punch to punch out two ornaments for the front of the box from the same designer series paper. Place pop dot on back side of each ornament at the top. Cut (2) 1 ½” pieces of silver elastic cord and make upside down “U” shape with each piece and adhere to back of ornament by placing each end into the glue dot. Do this with each piece of ribbon.

Place two pop dots on the back of each ornament. Cut 1 piece of ½” polka-dot grosgrain ribbon 4” and another piece about 5”. Turnover and apply snail adhesive to the backside. Adhere to front of box as seen on box picture at beginning of box instructions. (Some of the ribbon will go over to the inside of the box at top). Then remove covering on pop dots and place ornament over bottom of ribbon.

Cut 6 X 6 piece of designer series paper.
Score at 1 5/16” on all four sides. (Line between 1 ¼ and 1 3/8)
On opposite sides, cut up to score marks on corners. See picture.

Put together with Tacky Tape on cut corners as seen below.

Fold up and adhere to inside of outside flaps. Your lid is now complete. Place candle in box, put lid on box and cut enough ribbon to go around box and tie bow on top as seen here.

Thanks for Looking and please leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Your candles and boxes are beautiful! I love making candles, but have never thought about a box for them before, for gifts and for my craft sales! thanks for the idea.

I also love what you wrote in your "About Me" section - about your grandchildren. I'm a fairly new grandparent too (Greyson is going to be 2 in November) and he does no wrong either! I just love that little guy. I love being a mom but being a grandmother is a whole different experience!!

Anyway, thanks for your info and I'm signing up for your blog. You have very nice projects posted.

Mary Russom

Toucan Scraps said...

great candle stamping directions, thank you

Lynn said...

This is gorgeous! I tried this last year and never quite got it right. Thanks for these very specific directions. I am now inspired to try again - you know you will see the results at CPC if I succeed. lol I would be happy if mine turned out half as pretty as yours!